New Spectre poster reveals some Léa Seydoux


More Spectre posters? You’re damn right more Spectre posters. Sony has so far given us two Bond heavy posters, but this time around the Bond girl gets some action. Léa Seydoux joins Daneil Craig in front of the masked Dia de los Muertos reveler (spoiler: it appears to be Bond himself). Also, the killer summer tux is gone, but that’s not to say Craig isn’t destroying the Tom Ford suit he’s in.

 The posters for this film have been very interesting. They all throwback to a more classic Bond, and this one isn’t an exception with Bond once again toting and gun and the Bond girl in a sleekily sexy dress. This is the first one that doesn’t instantly kindle flashbacks to previous Bond promotional material for me, but it still looks sharp. 

Matthew Razak
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