New Spectre trailer puts James Bond on the defensive in a place without mercy


While Sam Mendes may not return to direct another James Bond outing, this new trailer for Spectre makes a strong case that Mendes should do 007 films in perpetuity.

You just read that sentence in Christoph Waltz’s voice.


You have the chills? I have the chills.

Fast cars, danger, an excellent-looking Mexico City scene (assuming that’s the pre-credits vignette), and also a beefed-up version of the theme from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, more proof that On Her Majesty’s Secret Service has the best Bond theme of all time.

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Spectre comes out in the UK on October 26 and in the United States on November 6.

Hubert Vigilla
Brooklyn-based fiction writer, film critic, and long-time editor and contributor for Flixist. A booster of all things passionate and idiosyncratic.