New Spider-Man 2 set photos may spoil the ending


I enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man, but what I really liked about it is that it set up Gwen Stacey/Peter Parker relationship so wonderfully. That meant that the future films were going to be even better simply because their story is so great and Sony/Marvel seemed to be executing it smartly. What we didn’t know is when over the course of the three movies certain events were going to occur. Thanks to some set photos we may know now.

If you don’t know what I’m hinting at then everything below the jump is going to be spoiler central for so don’t keep on reading unless you want it that way.

[SHH, via /Film]

The photos show Emma Stone (Gwen Stacey) wearing a torquise jacket, purple dress and black boots. That’s basically the exact same thing she wears in the comic books on the day she dies at the hands of Green Goblin. Usually these set photos are pretty useless unless we’re getting our first glimpse at a costume, but this one basically drops a megaton bomb. This means that Gwen Stacey is likely to die in this film and that the Green Goblin will be showing up, unless they’re veering way off from the comic. They could also be planning a cliffhanger at the end. Why be so obvious about it if they’re going to do it in this film?

Either way, for those people who don’t know how the Gwen Stacey/Peter Parker love story plays out this should be one big shock if it happens in this or the next film. Of course this could just be the filmmakers screwing with us, in which case: well played.

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