New Star Trek series in the works for CBS television and streaming


After the success of the Star Trek reboot (yay!) and Star Trek Into Darkness (boo!), it looks like Star Trek is coming back to television. CBS has confirmed that it is putting out a new Star Trek show in January 2017. The show will feature new characters and is reportedly not affiliated with the two Star Trek reboots or the third film, Star Trek Beyond.

What’s fascinating is that after the debut episode premieres on CBS, the rest of the series will then air exclusively on CBS’s video-on-demand and streaming service, CBS All Access. This is the first series that CBS has developed for its online streaming service, which may be a sign of the times.

Alex Kurtzman has been tapped as executive producer for the show. In addition to co-writing Star Trek (fun!) and Star Trek Into Darkness (barf!), Kurtzman has also worked on Mission: Impossible III, Now You See Me, Fringe, and Sleepy Hollow.

Just keep Rick Berman away from this series, please. Ditto for Damon Lindelof.

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[via io9]

Hubert Vigilla
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