New teaser for Syfy’s Resident Alien starring Alan Tudyk


Syfy has released a teaser trailer for their upcoming television show starring Alan Tudyk called Resident Alien. It looks to be a comedy series about an alien disguised as a doctor in a small town.

RESIDENT ALIEN | Official Teaser 1 | All-New Wednesdays at 10/9c | SYFY

I hadn’t heard of this show before today, but it’s now on my watch list. I adore Alan Tudyk. I consider him to be one of the most brilliant actors of our age. I’ll watch just about anything with him in it. Beyond him though, I think the show itself looks solid. It reminds me of 3rd Rock from the Sun, which is one of my favorite sitcoms. The trailer doesn’t show much, but it looks to me like it’s going for humor. It also isn’t afraid of the gross-out factor, showing a glimpse of Alan Tudyk squeezing a human brain with his bare hands. 

Here is the official synopsis of the show: 

“The stranded, curious alien known as Dr. Harry (Alan Tudyk) tends to patients in the sleepy town of Patience, Washington. Questions about the town’s previous doctor arise when a strange briefcase is found leading to the crash of the alien vessel sent to destroy the Earth.”

Resident Alien premieres on Syfy this summer.