New trailer confirms Legion’s third and final season will arrive in June

Legion Season 3 | Official Trailer

Marvel Television and FX have graced us with a fresh glimpse at the third season of Legion, their brilliant X-Men spin-off starring the titular supermutant. The trailer also ends with a date for the psychedelic series’ return: The end begins on FX June 24th.

I haven’t watched the above trailer, as I’m still woefully behind; FX doesn’t seem to have much interest in putting season two of Legion on Blu-Ray, so I’ll need to catch up elsewhere. But you know what you should do? You should watch that trailer. 

Legion is an incredible show, and an incredibly underrated (at least, underdiscussed) show. Focusing on the psychological hardships of being the superpowered offspring of Charles Xavier, we follow David Haller (Dan Stevens) as he grapples with what he and others initially believed to be schizophrenia. Turns out being a psychic juggernaut of a mutant takes some breaking in of the ‘ol noggin. 

The show, which has been confirmed to be ending with this third season, is extraordinary for its tonal approach to television. I repeat the sentiment often, but where most television hooks you with story and cliffhangers, Legion dares to submerge its audience in an atmosphere of complete confusion and dazzling visuals, leaving you curious as to how things will piece together, but wholly onboard for the visual experience and strong performances. 

Alongside the trailer, a new poster has been unveiled for season three.

Do yourself a favor, watch Legion on June 24th.