New trailer for Amazon’s The Tick’s second half of season 1

The Tick Season 1 - Trailer | Prime Video

I’m getting a pretty swell birthday present this year: new episodes of Amazon’s The Tick. The first half of season one turned out to be something pretty great. A new take on the the big blue superhero that still felt like it was The Tick while doing something a bit different. It isn’t as campy as the original, but plays its humor fantastically, pulling the nigh-invulnerable hero into the current age of media. I’m hooked.

From the trailer for the second half of the season it looks like the cliffhanger ending to the first half will be resolved quickly, and our heroes will be brought together to fight The Terror. Now that I know what the show is like I couldn’t be more excited, especially since this half looks like its got a bit more action. Also, there’s a spoon.

Matthew Razak
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