New trailer for Gods of Egypt has sand


Two years ago I made an early call that The Legend of Hercules would be the worst film of that year. I was right. Now, I’m going to make an even earlier call: Gods of Egypt will be the worst film of 2016. After watching this trailer there is no way this movie won’t be anything but offensively bad. Can you see something good here? It doesn’t even look popcorn fun, and the white wash casting is just…. uggg.

I think they’re going for a sort of superhero franchise or something, but with Egyptian gods so they don’t have to pay anyone anything to use the characters. Director Alex Proyas hasn’t made a legitimately quality movie ever, despite the cult status of films like The Crow and  Dark City. This is just going to be a mess, and it’s February release date is confirmation of that. 

Gods of Egypt (2016 Movie - Gerard Butler) Official Trailer – “The Journey Begins”

Matthew Razak
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