New trailer for Halloween: Making a Murderer: Michael Myers

Halloween - Heritage Trailer (Universal Pictures)

Universal recently released a second Halloween trailer, and frankly, if anything, it only adds to the hype created by the first. It begins with a true crime montage of the new Halloween mythos, i.e. the first film exists and now this film which takes place 40 years after the original, at the exclusion of all else. It then moves on to well-crafted suspense building full of the usual tropes like no one but the hero believing in the existence of a threat.

Both Jamie Lee Curtis and original Michael Myers, Nick Castle, are back to finish what they started and finished, again, and again. Even ol’ man John Carpenter is back in one way or another, not to direct, of course, as that would require work, and his knees are-a-forecastin’ some mean weather right about now.

Halloween hits the silver screen nearly 40 years to the day on October 19