New trailer for HBO/BBC’s His Dark Materials finally delivers on the polar bears


We’ve all been waiting for it. One of the best aspects of the His Dark Materials trilogy, which is cram full of great aspects, is the armored polar bears. However, the teasers and trailers for the new series had pretty much avoided showing them. In fact, the darker-toned series appeared to be steering away from the magical and fantastical elements that the movie bought into hard. I think it’s a rather brilliant choice for a book series that gets very dark and tackles challenging ideas, but it also meant we didn’t get to see giant armored polar bears. That’s sad.

But be sad no longer. If you watch the teaser above you will see that the polar bears are here, or at least one of them. It’s still a little unclear how far into the books the story goes in the first season so we might not even get to see a fully armored bear this year. Still, I do like that they’re starting to show that this story is as much fantasy as it is steam punk. Hopefully, we’ll get much more to come.

His Dark Materials will premiere later this year.

Matthew Razak
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