New trailer for Irrational Man is about what you’d expect from Woody Allen


There’s a trailer for Woody Allen’s newest film, Irrational Man, and let’s just say it’s…well, it’s pretty much what you expect for a movie written and directed by Woody Allen. Whether that’s a good or bad thing for you these days is between you and your chosen god.

The movie stars Joaquin Phoenix, who plays a philosophy professor plagued by an existential crisis that prevents him from doing…well, just about anything. That changes when he meets a beautiful young student (played by Emma Stone) and the two strike up a relationship. This is a big creative curveball from the guy who brought us Annie Hall, so it’s really great to see him branching out of his comfort zone.

Sarcasm aside, this is the same basic plot he’s been riffing on his entire career, for better or worse, unless there’s some insane twist not revealed in the trailer. Odds are existing fans of Allen’s work will at least enjoy the movie, and those who are prone to hate it (or those who are prone to hate him based on his personal life) aren’t going to be swayed. Check out the trailer below and see which one you are; Irrational Man, which also stars Parker Posey and Jamie Blackley, hits theaters July 24.

Irrational Man Official TRAILER (2015) Emma Stone, Woody Allen Comedy Movie