New trailer for Knock Knock full of sex and Keanu Reeves


While we may never get to see director Eli Roth’s Green Inferno, we do have something from him that may sate your appetite for his particular brand of gonzo horror. Knock Knock‘s second trailer is here and it seems right up the Roth alley with torture, nudity and a gloriously befuddled Keanu Reeves. 

This one actually looks pretty enticing, if only to see why Keanu is so damn excited about those sprinkles. The home invasion horror genre is pretty cluttered, but the best ones these days are inverting the genre, and flipping the screaming female/psychotic male dichotomy definitely does that. I’m sure once the red band trailer rolls around we’ll be seeing a lot of blood as well. 

Knock Knock releases on June 26. 

Knock Knock Trailer #2 (2015) Keanu Reeves Thriller Movie HD

Matthew Razak
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