New trailer for Maps to the Stars, Cronenberg’s latest, looks… ominous

MAPS TO THE STARS - Official Red Band Trailer

Few directors have as strong and consistent a track record as David Cronenberg. This energetic, beautifully cut trailer sees his latest, Maps to the Stars looking like a very worthy addition to that canon.

If anything, this looks to me like a spiritual sequel to his last film, the surreal, scathing Wall Street takedown Cosmopolis, with scabrous sights set this time on Hollywood. The cast is a delightful mix of strong character actors new and old, including Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, John Cusack, Olivia Williams and Robert Pattinson.

Also – and this is important – John Waters loves this film more than his own mustache. Those are his own words. Have you seen John Waters’ mustache? Maps to the Stars is officially better than one of the sweetest ‘taches in the industry, and hits theatres 27th February.