New trailer for Norwegian adventure movie Ragnarok

Ragnarok - Official Trailer

Ragnarok is the story of archeologist Sigurd Svenden, a man who has always been enthralled with the Oseberg Viking ship, which contains a mysterious engraving in runes that says “Man knows little.” When one of his archeology friends finds similar carvings in the no-mans-land between Norway and Russia, they set off to try and uncover the mysteries of hidden Nordic treasure, and the secrets of the Ragnarok – the apocalypse of Norse mythology.

Honestly, Ragnarok looks just okay. Maybe some of the good parts of the movie are getting lost in translation, it’s kinda hard to tell from this trailer. If you watch it to the end, you’ll see that the glimpse we get of the creature-thing they keep referencing does not look very well done. Regardless, Ragnarok will open in US theaters on August 15th, 2014.