New trailer for The Angry Birds Movie is a decent excuse to reuse this Sean Penn image


Last time we reported about The Angry Birds Movie, we mentioned that Sean Penn will be grunting alongside the rest of the cast as a big red bird. The Sean Penn bird is in this new trailer for The Angry Birds Movie, which features the angry birds doing the stuff from the game.

THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE - Official Theatrical Trailer #3 (HD)

While I’m still not that interested in The Angry Birds Movie, this new trailer is one of the better ones, for what that’s worth. They said the word “butt,” which I’m sure gives the movie some cred in certain circles.

I don’t think Sean Penn’s grunting is in that new trailer at all, but that Sean Penn/El Chapo header image must be used whenever possible.

The Angry Birds Movie will be out on May 20th.

[via /Film]

Hubert Vigilla
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