New trailer for ‘The Giver’ gets it right


Despite my initial resistance to a film adaptation, I am now coming around to the idea that The Giver has the potential to be great– if it’s pulled off correctly. And having been less than impressed by the film’s first trailer, this newly released one is a reassuring surprise. More black and white sequences? Check. Less weird sci-fi nonsense? Check! This trailer got it right, and I am getting excited.

It doesn’t hurt that Meryl Streep’s Cheif Elder looks to be just as quietly fearsome as they were in the novel. In fact, the acting in this adaption seems to be all-around superb. Even the futuristic airships don’t bother me in lieu of all the positive elements this trailer delivers. Good job, movie! Just keep on respecting that source material and I think we’ll be alright. 

The Giver opens August 15th. 

[Via /Film]