New TV spots for The Avengers, one shows alien invaders

The Avengers TV Spot #3 - Head Count - Marvel Movie (2012) HD

You can now put all the Skrull or Kree speculation to rest. In the “Head Count” TV spot from late last week, you can get a better glimpse of the alien menace The Avengers are facing. It’s around the 0:21 spot. Definitely not Skrull or Kree. More like, I don’t know, undead Yoshimitsus.

The rest of the TV spot is nicely done. The latter half features Tony Stark representing his crew and Loki being dismissive. No doubt this scene crescendos in a rap or breakdance battle. (Spoiler: Stark throws mad rhymes like Nolan Ryan, and can uprock and downrock like his folks were avalanches.)

After the cut, the most recent Avengers TV spot, “We are at War.” No alien shots in that one, but there’s a lot of stuff getting blowed up real good.

[Via Coming Soon, Comic Book Movie]

The Avengers - TV Spot #3 - We Are At War.mp4

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