New Warcraft TV spot probably doesn’t inspire much confidence in the film for non-fans


After seeing the first trailer for Duncan Jones’ Warcraft, News Editor Nick Valdez felt that the movie looked a little off. Some shots were great, some not-as-great, most shots looked green screened to heck, and the vibe of the movie seemed a little too been-there done-that. (He’s still hopeful about the mainstream appeal of the film, as you can read in his recent feature on the potential of a great videogame movie in 2016.)

I agree with Nick on all of his assessments, and echoed some of his thoughts when writing about a subsequent international Warcraft movie promo.

Well, a new TV spot for Warcraft was released yesterday, which you can watch below.

Warcraft - (TV Spot 1) (HD)

Yeah, I don’t know, guys.

As much as I enjoyed Jones’ other films (Moon, Source Code), Warcraft still looks like Generic Fantasy Film: The Movie. Maybe the final film will be different, but this looks like a bland collection of fantasy tropes and story cliches devoid of personality.

On top of that, 2015 was a fine year of merging practical effects and CG, with some standout VFX work seen in Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Something about Warcraft just looks synthetic and artificial--less like Lord of the Rings and more like The Hobbit, if catch my drift. Since the film is apparently in the can and awaiting release (Warcraft was purportedly good to go for its original December 2015 release), I doubt the visual effects can or will be polished beyond what we’re seeing in these ads.

Disagree? Let me have it in the comments.

Warcraft will be in theaters on June 10th.

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