New Wreck-It Ralph posters with vidyagame villains


Last time I mentioned a Wreck-It Ralph poster I kept myself from spoiling who was on the poster because of my sensibilities. This time, I could give a whozit since I figured like a day has passed since then and that is at least a billion years in internet time. 

Before, I was a little irritated over the fact that Disney is glorifying the cameos in their film in order to pull in a wavering audience. I have to admit I did not recognize the purple rhino in the beginning, but that’s totally Neff from the awesometastic Altered Beast series! For some reason they colored him purple though. Maybe “grey” was a little to drab for this nice lookin’ flick. My point here is…they got to me. With an obscure villain like Neff on one of these posters (and Clyde!). I’m going to buy one, and now I don’t care how long they’re in the movie. You can check out the new posters in the gallery. 

[via IGN]