New York Comic Con 2017 Archer cast dishes on 9th season: Danger Island


Archer is getting a new look in his ninth season, moving to a new location with character shifts and a new story. Flixist was on-hand with Amber Nash (Pam), Lucky Yates (Krieger), Davis Willis (Barry), and Aisha Tyler (Lana Kane).

Debuting in 2018, Archer season 9 will be called Danger Island. Lana will be a princess. Pam will be a huge woman who battles giant lizards. And the “laws of physics” may not apply the way they usually do. Wherein Archer tried to adhere to some semblance of scientific and historical accuracy in the past, the cast revealed they’re loosening things up for the ninth season.

But the big reveal, confirmed by voice-of-Krieger, Lucky himself: there is no more Dr. Krieger!

Instead, Lucky will voice a parrot named Crackers. And Crackers does not have a hat.

Willis said, “Basically it’s [season 9] Tailspin and we put all the Archer characters in it.”