New York Comic Con Flixist Video Recap (Friday)


2012 New York Comic Con Day 1 Flixist Wrap Up

So, you know, we’re at the New York Comic Con and stuff, and it’s pretty cool. But you know what’s better than reading about what we thought? Seeing and hearing what we thought. That’s right, for the first time (probably) ever, you get to watch Flixist editors talk. How freaking cool is that?!

Joking aside, Sean, Hubert, and I all saw things today (mostly them), and we wanted to let you know on video. Unfortunately, there’s no interesting intro or anything, but I’ve always liked being able to put names to faces to voices, so if anyone is interested, here’s your chance (in brilliantly glorious HD, no less)!

Also, if any fancy animators out there want to make an official Flixist video intro thing, we totally can’t pay you, but you would have the satisfaction of seeing it before looking at our ugly mugs. It would probably be the most attractive thing in the video.