New York Comic Con Flixist Video Recap (Sunday)


2012 New York Comic Con Flixist Day 3 Wrap Up

As promised, one final video about the Flixist experience of the New York Comic Con. This one was taken a bit earlier, because I had things to do, so it’s just me and Hubert talking sort of vaguely about what it was like to be there (incredibly unpleasant). Still, I can’t get enough of Luchador Hubert so it’s totally worth watching anyways. Today we decided to do it before the throngs of costumed attendees, and I kind of wish we’d done it that way for the other two as well. I think it’s more interesting to look at, and the sound worked out better than I expected. Oh well.

We’ve still got some Comic Con-y things going up over the course of the week, including a lot more photos and some panel recaps and transcriptions of things. So as the Jacob Javits Center hopefully airs itself out, rest easy knowing that our work is not done. It is never, ever done.

We hope to see you there next year!