New York Film Festival Recap


Over the past few weeks, we have brought you some reviews from the New York Film Festival and, unfortunately, not much else. A few interview opportunities fell through at the last minute, and shifting schedules cut down the number of films by nearly half. Regardless, there were some pretty cool movies there, so it was not a total loss. Some of them among the best of the year and another among the worst of ever, with the others falling somewhere in between. 

Shame 2011 Michael Fassbender

Reviews (in order of greatness):

The Artist
Miss Bala


NYFF hosts an unfinished version of Martin Scorsese’s upcoming Hugo.

Do not miss Shame (the NC-17 cut) or The Artist. Melancholia comes with a lot of caveats, but you should read my review to see what those are. Miss Bala comes with even more caveats and, and Policeman… the less that’s said about that film the better.

And while you’re at it, check out the other festival coverage that we have going on. The Chicago International Film Festival has just about ended, but the Austin Film Festival is just starting up, and the London Film Festival is raging on.