Newest Ex Machina trailer looks fantastic

Ex Machina | Official HD Trailer 2 | A24

I’m the kind of jerk that always has to make some sort of “Mr. Roboto” reference every time I see a film with an advanced robot or artificial intelligence, but Ex Machina is the first film in quite a while to make me second guess myself. Thanks to some extremely positive early buzz from SXSW (which I missed this year 🙁 ), and Oscar Isaac’s awesomeness, the film looks fantastic. 

A thrilling test between human and machine, and lots of those “who’s the real monster, here?” thematic elements. Also, Alicia Vikander is gorgeous regardless of whether or not she’s made of machinery. And it’s Alex Garland (28 Days Later)’s directorial debut so there are lots of things to like. Ex Machina releases April 10th.