Newest Last Witch Hunter trailer wakes me up inside


I wasn’t a big fan of Furious 7 as I should’ve been, but I’ll always love Vin Diesel. He’s one of the few actors in Hollywood who unabashedly loves what he’s doing and it always comes through on screen. Even if he gives the same the kind of gravely voice for each of his roles, he’s just a nerdy guy playing the last of a long line of witch hunters now. 

I’m not sure what to think of The Last Witch Hunter. The last few trailers have painted it as generic action fare, but I’m hoping Diesel’s involvement means it’s slightly better than it looks. The latest trailer says a bunch of things about “an awakening” and features a cover of “Paint it Black” by…Ciara? Okay then, sure. Well, there’ll be a panel during NYCC that I hope I can get into. We’ll keep you posted. 

The Last Witch Hunter opens October 23rd.  

The Last Witch Hunter (2015 Movie - Vin Diesel) Official Trailer – “Awakening”