Newest LEGO Batman Movie trailer is full of heart and clown snakes


The LEGO Movie was a revelation when it hit theaters two years ago. A fun film with a hearty message, it featured a breakout performance from Will Arnett’s Batman. Now with a spin-off set in motion, we haven’t heard much of the film’s plot until now. With the first trailer that doesn’t just emphasize a joke, we learn that this Batman will finally explore the part of the interesting part of his character: his loneliness. 

It may have been the root of a joke in The LEGO Movie, but The LEGO Batman Movie will deal with Batman’s ever expanding family and rogues gallery as he struggles with becoming a family Bat. 

It’s just so weird that Warner Bros. can handle their animated movies so well, yet miss the mark so hard with their live-action superheroes. If Ben Affleck’s The Batman doesn’t end up to par, at least this looks great. 

The LEGO Batman Movie releases February 10th next year. 

The LEGO Batman Movie – Trailer #4