Newest Logan trailer is bloody good


We were all stricken by the first Logan trailer for its gritty setting, somber tone, and older Logan, and it looks like the second trailer delivers that even more so. The third, and final, Wolverine film follows Logan as he struggles to keep a little girl who shares his adamantium skeleton safe. With this trailer, we finally get a taste of what an R-rated Wolverine film can give us. 

Patrick Stewart is also back as a Professor X who’s fighting dementia and drops a few F-bombs more than expected. It’s so nice to hear, honestly. Hugh Jackman has wanted to do an R-rated Wolverine film for years, and he’s going to deliver. I hope it’s a good end to the character before Fox inevitably reboots him later. 

Logan opens March 3rd. 

Logan | Official HD Trailer #2 | 2017