Newest trailer for American Sniper is American

American Sniper - Official Trailer 2 [HD]

I’m not usually one for these “America” films, but Clint Eastwood has proven time and time again he’s good at deconstructing the jingoistic nature of the country. I’ve been gripped by American Sniper ever since its first trailer, so I’m glad the newest trailer doesn’t let up. Bradley Cooper stars as U.S Navy Seal Chris Kyle, a sniper credited with over 100 kills in Iraq. 

There looks to be quite a bit of ambiguity (though early reviews argue otherwise) regarding Kyle’s sens of self, and Cooper might hit it out of the park given the right material. Then again, it’s extremely easy to flop in the delivery. We’ll see. American Sniper gets a limited releases Christmas Day, with a wide release January 16th.