Next Bond within 3 years, director announced soon


MGM made about as much money as you possible can off of Skyfall so they are all on board to get the next film out the doors as soon as possible as are their investors. That’s why the subject of the next Bond film came up on an investor’s phone call for the company and the studio promised another Bond within three years and that they would be announcing a new director soon, thus replacing the exiting Sam Mendes.

MGM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gary Barber said that the script is currently being worked on and they’re actively searching for a new director. Originally talks were that Bond would get back on a film-every-two-years schedule like at Moore’s height, but that seems a bit aggressive for the more thought out Craig Bonds. While I want more Bond faster, I’m happier in the long run with less Bond better.

[via Reuters]

Matthew Razak
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