Next couple of LEGO movies get new release dates


If you were hankerin’ for more LEGO movies, we’re getting a huge chunk of them all at once. Since WB’s first big animated effort (for its smaller affiliate group), The LEGO Movie, did so well in theaters, we’re not only getting a sequel to that movie, but a spin-off starring Will Arnett’s breakout Batman character (which promises to reference Batman’s cinematic history) and a movie starring the LEGO Ninjago crew. 

According to THR, LEGO Batman will release first on February 10, 2017. LEGO Ninjago has been pushed from its 2016 date to September 22, 2017. And finally, The LEGO Movie Sequel will release May 18, 2018 and will take place four years after the events of the first film and promises more female characters. All good, all good. 

[via THR]