Next Riddick to be rated R, new art


If you’re like me and you’ve pretty much experienced every aspect of the Riddick universe that can be viewed on a television (movies and videogames) then you know that Riddick is a badass, and badasses are always more badass when they can actually say the word badass as many times as they want because they’re in an R rated movie. So for Riddicks return will he be badass or relegated to to the PG-13 OK-ness that was Chronicles of Riddick?

Yea, he’s gonna be badass. Ain’t It Cool News reports that Universal has gone the R-rated route with the film. That means blood, guts, violence and cussing. Hopefully this means the return of Riddick’s greatest line “Did not know who he was f**kin’ with.”

As with all Riddic news this comes packed with more concept art via Vin Diesel’s Facebook page. The art direction was one of my favorite parts about the games, Chronicles and the animated film so this is one of the few movies where I’m actually interested in seeing plenty of concept art.

[via AICN]

Matthew Razak
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