Nic Cage and Oculus team up to VRevolutionize the film industry


Sometimes when I sleep, I dream. Most nights it’s the one where I’m Leatherface, and I have to chainsaw-fight the Power Rangers in a wrestling ring for SummerSlam. But other, more intimate dreams go a little something like this.

Nicolas Cage (Drive Angry 3D) is about to get as close to your body as internet laws will allow. Through The Humanity Bureau VRevolution, you’ll be able to stand face-to-face with Nic Cage. You can hear him shout, see the light reflect in his bugged-out eyes, feel his spittle pelt your neck as the world around you fades to a distant memory, and you become locked within the Cage once and for all.

Or at least that’s how I imagine it is. I can’t afford VR.

But for those of you who can, this episodic and standalone addition to The Humanity Bureau is absolutely free and available on the Oculus site right now.

What I gather from the above video is that you can sit outside what appears to be a murder cabin surrounded by the cardboard cutouts of the wife and child you once had but now sleep peacefully at the bottom of the lake. There, you’ll be able to watch the movie on a screen. Another part has three screens surrounding you as you float through the void. The power of VR!

But the last part, folks, this is where it means something. You’re standing alone in a field, you look up, and you see etched in the air before you NICOLAS CAGE. Now, that’s a tease that makes me feel a bit dizzy.

Be warned, though. The experience is only of moderate comfort.

The Humanity Bureau is set to open in theaters on April 6, 2018.

Nic Cage Will Be Closer To You Than Ever In His Appropriately-Bizarre VR Movie ‘The Humanity Bureau’ [UPROXX]

Kyle Yadlosky
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