Nick Castle is set to return for the Halloween sequels


Despite being the first truly good sequel to the 1978 classic, last year’s Halloween reunited star Jamie Lee Curtis with boogyman Nick Castle. He only portrayed the iconic killer in a single scene, but his presence lent credence to the idea that this was the official continuation of the story started three decades prior. For the upcoming Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends, it seems something similar will be happening.

According to a recent report from Digital Spy, Nick Castle will be returning for the two sequels. He isn’t set to play Myers but will be in the film in some capacity. “You can’t kill the boogeyman,” Tweeted the star. “Just heard the news. I’m coming back. I’ll be returning but, you know Big Game James still got the torch!” For those unaware, James Jude Courtney donned the role of “The Shape” in 2018’s installment. It was hard to even tell since Courtney did an excellent job capturing Castle’s mannerisms.

Since basically the same production crew and cast will be in these new sequels, I’m all for it. Nick Castle is legendary and having him around to possibly get killed by Michael Myers would be an excellent way to cap off the man’s career.

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