Nick’s Flixmas: Twas’ the Night Before Flixmas


To bring Nick’s Flixmas to a near close, I decided to do something special for you all. It’s a gift for sticking these 25 days out with me. So to celebrate Day 24 of Nick’s Flixmas (and to a lesser extent, Christmas Eve), I watched a bunch of The Simpsons episodes. 

Since it didn’t feel right to not include a movie (although the pilot episode of the series is arguably a great short film on its own), and I wanted to go that extra mile, here’s a poem: Twas The Night Before Flixmas.

[Nick’s Flixmas is a 25 day celebration of films Nick watches every Christmas! Nick will do some analysis, review, and just generally walk down memory lane. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride. Merry Flixmas!]

Twas’ the night before Flixmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring

…except Nick…clicking his mouse. 

He had no idea what to write on so he had to think quick. 

“What would be a great movie to, uh, stick?” 


He shuffled through his DVDs and his porn. 

He just knew he needed something by Christmas morn. 

“What’s a good movie? It’s doesn’t even have to be Christmas at this point.”

“Space Jam, Roll Bounce, or that one about joints?”


“That’s not going to work,” he thought. 

“It needs to be something hard fought.” 

“Why am I still talking to myself,” he questioned.

“Certainly no one but me will hear this,” he reckoned. 


“Oh I know what’d be good, but it’s not a movie.”

“It’s something that definitely celebrates Christmas as it should be!”

So Nick decided to watch “Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire”,

the first episode of a show that Nick heavily desires. 


“They need to know what I watch every Christmas, so this should work.”

“I love The Simpsons. It’s got so many quirks.”

But in the back of his mind, Nick knew something was wrong.

Could he be forgetting something? He didn’t think long. 


“Should I just stick to one episode? There’s plenty to choose!”

Nick exclaimed as he began to peruse.

Then he found more episodes, more specials. 

He watches them every year, so it shouldn’t seem coincidental. 


“There’s one about Bart stealing, and one where he burns down a tree.” 

“Oh and one where the kids are stuck inside the school until way past three.”

But Nick still didn’t feel right. Something was amiss. 

Perhaps it was the lack of a movie keeping him from bliss. 


“No,” he decided, “The Simpsons is part of my life.”

“It’s kept me from boredom, fear, and strife.”

Nick then figured out the true meaning of Flixmas. 

“Flixmas isn’t about movies, Nick, or even Christmas!”

“It’s about family, and those memories brought by Christmas movies.”


Nick remembered all of The Simpsons episodes he had watched with his family. 

They had given him DVDs of the show many Decembers before. 

Because of that, he’ll be happy for an eternity.

…and several years more. 

I hope you guys liked my obviously Pulitizer Prize winning poetry. One more day to go. Stick around since the final day of Nick’s Flixmas is A Charlie Brown Christmas