Nickelodeon may remake your childhood soon with Doug and Rugrats


Remember the 90s? Of course you do. Hollywood has been milking them and the 80s for the past decade, but the nostalgia factor of millennials is just taking over television and what better place to start than the Nickelodeon cartoons we all grew up with. Nick is reportedly looking into bringing back classic cartoons from the past including Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, You Can’t Do That on Television or Victorious.

Those were just some examples Nick’s president of content and development, Russell Hicks, told Variety. He declined to give specifics so your favorite Nicktoons show could be coming back as well. I personally would kill for more Pete and Pete in my life. 

It isn’t clear how the reformatted shows would come about. They may not even be shows, but instead one-offs or movies. However they come about the shows are going to be targeted at pulling back in the generation who watched them because that generation is now a bunch of parents. Pull the parents in and their kids will follow seems to be the thinking, and it makes sense. I wouldn’t turn Dora the Explorer on for my kid unless he requested, but they give me some Doug love and we’ll be there. 

Which shows would you want back?

Matthew Razak
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