Nickelodeon reviving 90’s programming with The Splat


Remember the Nicktoons channel? It was this channel dedicated to past Nickelodeon cartoons like Rugrats or As Told By Ginger that was phased out in favor another outlet for their live programming. But with the 90s nostalgia boom, Nickelodeon realized their mistake and brought some of them back with a short “The 90s are All That” weekend stint. Since that’s worked out so well, and to coincide with their upcoming plans to somehow bring all of these cartoon characters into a movie, Nickelodeon has announced “The Splat,” a nightly block running from 10PM to 6PM EST on TeenNick. 

But what’s different this time around is Nickelodeon is pulling out all the stops for this return. Along with returning programs (both live action and animated), we’ll be getting old interstitials (like Stick Stickly) and big promos like Super Toy Run and Nick or Treat (where people would call in and guess numbers to try and collect prizes before being scared). The block will rotate nightly so we’ll have all sorts of old shows back again. Here’s just a sampling. 

The Splat premieres on TeenNick Monday, October 6th at 10PM EST. Probably explains that Kenan and Kel reunion a few days back. 

  • First Time for Everything (week of Oct. 5) – first two episodes of fan-favorite animated and live-action series and game shows;
  • Rugrats Reptar Takeover (week of Oct. 12) – best of Rugrats episodes featuring Reptar;
  • Hey Arnold! Live from the Stoop (week of Oct. 19) – Stoop Kid-centric episodes;
  • Nick or Treat (week of Oct. 26) – call-in event where lucky callers get 40 seconds to choose from six doors, collecting tricks and treats along the way, plus scary and spooky themed animation episodes