Nicolas Cage faces off against snakes (and a jaguar) on a ship in trailer for Primal


PRIMAL - In Select Theaters and On Demand 11/8

I imagine that having been the star of Face/Off makes it pretty impossible to be surprised by pitches for just about any action film ever, so of course Nicolas Cage has signed on for a movie in which he has to hunt an assassin on a ship full of dangerous exotic animals. This actually might be one of the most grounded movies he’s made.

Either way, Cage playing big game hunter Frank Walsh, cocks a gun and says that he’s going hunting–except this time it’s not for animals, and this is his Snakes on a Plane, and yes I love it.

There’s a silly concept, guns, stiff hand-to-hand combat, and a PS2-era jaguar come to life, so what’s there not to like? Will there be a scene in which Nicolas Cage looks into the raging CGI beast’s eyes, and they both realize they share a common spirit, and so they team up to kill the assassin? Maybe.

Will the assassin then attempt to kill Cage, but then the jaguar jumps in front of the bullet/spear/falling cargo container/poisonous snake and rescues Cage in a final benevolent act of self-sacrifice? Maybe!

Will Cage then scream and rave and go into full rage-mode to murder the assassin once and for all? MAYBE! We’ll have to wait to find out.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait too long as Primal will release to theaters and VOD on November 8, 2019.

Kyle Yadlosky
Kyle Yadlosky only cares about trash. The trippy, bizarre, DIY, and low-budget are his home. He sleeps in dumpsters and eats tinfoil. He also writes horror fiction sometimes.