Nicolas Cage finally plays Superman after 20+ years


Probably not istanbul escort quite what Cage was hoping for, but he’ll soon provide the Man of Steel’s voice in the forthcoming Teen Titans Go! To the Movies animated film.

Around 1996-1997, Cage escort istanbul was cast in titular role for the Tim Burton directed, Kevin Smith penned Superman Lives. The sisli escort film made it through pre-production, including costume tests with Cage, before it was cancelled 3 weeks prior to the start of filming. The behind-the-scenes reasons beylikduzu escort for the cancellation were chronicled in the 2015 Kickstarter umraniye escort documentary The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened?

He joins a voice cast including singer Halsey as Wonder Woman and Lil Yachty as Green Lantern, which…sure, why not. Teen Titans doesn’t take itself super seriously, istanbul escort bayan and the premise of the film is that the Titans get wind that the other DC heroes have films based on them, so they want to get in on the action.

Surprisingly, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies will have a theatrical release, which is rare for Warner Bros. Animation’s 2D properties. Their last 2D theatrical release was 1999’s The Iron Giant, and the most recent animated DC film to hit the big screen was 1993’s Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies premieres July 27, 2018.

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