Nicolas Cage not in the inevitable Ghost Rider 3


The one true God Nicolas Cage is currently promoting the new Dreamworks picture The Croods. sat down with the chap to have a chat and got some news out of him concerning Ghost Rider 3. Cage said himself that the film is “possible” but it “won’t be with me”, ruling himself out of the running.

Both of the Ghost Rider flicks have been utter washy disappointments in my opinion. Cage seems to have a lot of fun while making the films, but to me at least this is very refreshing. I have a great admiration for Cage who has produced some of the greatest acting showcases from Lord of War to Leaving Las Vegas to The Weatherman. He is very capable of delivering incredible performances and now with Johnny Blaze off of his future resume perhaps we might see even more of these talents from Cage just burst again.