Nicolas Cage partners with Green Book writer to hunt down cop killers in 10 Double Zero


Nicolas Cage, world’s greatest actor who does whatever he wants, will now team with Nick Vallelonga, man who won an Oscar for writing about racism for old white people, for a new action thriller called 10 Double Zero. Does that mean 10 and then two zeros, like 1,000? Or does it mean a 10 but with two zeros, which would make 100? I don’t have the answer to this important question.

What I do know, however, is that Cage will play, get this, a cop–a role he’s never played before. He will team with another cop to hunt down cop killers, but then there’s a conspiracy that he and whatever non-Nicolas Cage person they get to play his partner become tangled in. And this conspiracy, folks, it goes straight to the top!

Christian Sesma is set to direct 10 Double Zero, and the film will begin shooting in July.

‘Green Book’ Scribe & Producer Nick Vallelonga Teams With Nicolas Cage For Action-Thriller ’10 Double Zero’ — Cannes [Deadline]

Kyle Yadlosky
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