Nicolas Cage to get his Five Nights at Freddy’s on, battle hoard of animatronic monsters, as Wally’s Wonderland begins filming


It’s official, folks: We’re living in a Cageissance. This decade will be known as The Decade of the Cage, and we’re all lucky to exist in this same brief glimmer of history in which we’ll see Nicolas Cage in a Sion Sono film (my personal most anticipated movie of all time), experience Cage play a fictionalized version of himself, and soon we’re going to see him beat the hell out of a bunch of Chuck E. Cheese misfits. Think The Banana Splits Movie but with Nicolas Cage. Yeah, it’s going to be dope.

To keep my journalistic integrity intact, however, I should note that the exact dopeness of Wally’s Wonderland remains to be seen. There are no photos or trailers to speak of, and all we know is that it’s just begun filming in Atlanta, GA. Does this mean we can’t get overly excited by the sheer fact that it exists? Absolutely not! If I can’t get pumped up by this, then I don’t even know why I’d bother being alive.

Wally’s Wonderland stars Emily Tosta as a rebellious teen (aren’t they all) who will have to survive a hellish night in an abandoned family fun center with Nicolas Cage, playing The Janitor, as they’re besieged by a pack of possessed animatronics. Cool.

So, yeah, look forward to more news on this.

‘Wally’s Wonderland’, Which Pits Nicolas Cage Against Animatronic Monsters, Begins Filming! [Bloody Disgusting]

Kyle Yadlosky
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