Nicolas Cage wails on killer mascots in Willy’s Wonderland trailer


The first trailer for Willy’s Wonderland is about all you’d expect. Heck, it’s about all you’re likely hoping for. Which is to say, it looks wonderful.

Nicolas Cage–keeping things on-brand and insane–stars as a “quiet loner” who, well, ends up in Willy’s Wonderland. Does it really matter how? In the same vein as Chuck E. Cheese’s, Willy’s is home to fun, games, and animatronic characters. Not in the same vein, Willy’s is home to fun, games, and murderous animatronic characters. Working overnight to pay off his broken down car’s repair costs, the drifter comes up against all manner of ghoulish gear-headed monstrosities in what is looking to be another midnight movie for fans of all things Cagey.

The fresh trailer for Willy’s Wonderland also features co-stars Beth Grant, Emily Tosta, and David Sheftell, all subject to the maniacal whims of the killer bots haunting the halls of Willy’s. The human sacrifices and bloody murder don’t seem to perturb Cage’s quiet janitor in the slightest. He’s seen worse, I suppose?

Originally meant to hit theaters this past October, pandemic delays mean Willy’s Wonderland will now make its premiere on streaming services February 12, 2021, and in select theaters where markets are open. Fingers crossed we have another bonkers winner on our hands.