Nicolas Cage wants The Wicker Ghost in Japan


Perhaps daunted by Fudgesicle-yielding naked men breaking into his house, Nicolas Cage has struggled to find a role worthy of his distinctive talents in recent years, with his many followers left huddling around Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans for warmth.

The Cult of Cage (like Scientology, but crazier and less well shaven) need not worry for much longer, though, for their messiah has arrived with a plan to lead them out of the desert to the promised land. With Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance lighting the way with flaming piss, Cage has stumbled upon the idea that will mark his ascendance back into the glowing firmament of our love. Asked by fans on a recent EMPIRE webchat which of his characters he would like to revisit, Cage put all our dreams into words when he said: The Wicker Man, in Japan, with his character as a ghost. You heard me. (Or read me. Shut up.)

This must happen. Maybe Cage could even revisit his passion for pachinko while he’s there, as long as he’s careful to stay clear of the GHOST BEES! AAAARGH, NOT THE GHOST BEES!

[EMPIRE, via Indiewire]