Nicolas Cage will search for his lost pig in a movie called Pig


There’s not much more to this news story other than the fact that the greatest actor ever, Nic Cage, will star in a film about a man looking for a truffle pig. Directed Michael Sarnoski the movie is called Pig. Thankfully, I’ve developed what is clearly a scene that will appear in this film to pad this story out. 

Exterior: Rain is pouring down. Nicholas Cage has just exited the barn where PIG usually sleeps the night away peacefully but PIG is gone. Where is PIG? How will Nicolas Cage survive without PIG? He runs out into the rain as it mixes with his tears ans starts shouting.


Close up: Nicolas Cage collapses to the ground sobbing. The only discernible word is the word pig mumbled every few moments.

Aaaaaand scene. 

Matthew Razak
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