No extra charge for 48fps Hobbit screenings


Reactions to footage of Peter Jackson’s 48fps version of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey have been distinctly underwhelming so far, although at least moviegoers won’t be forced to cough up extra to decide for themselves when the movie reaches cinemas. Variety reports that an agreement has been reached whereby exhibitors will leave ticket costs the same no matter which format viewers opt for.

It’s not a particularly big deal in and of itself, since Hobbit will only be released in 48fps in a very limited number of locations, but at least it sets a positive precedent should any future movies decide to use the format: the ever-enthusiastic James Cameron, for example, has promised to shoot his Avatar sequels (whenever that happens) using the faster frame rate. In any case, even if 48fps movies don’t prove all that great to watch, at least we won’t have to pay extra for the privilege of having our viewing experience ruined. Isn’t that right, 3D?

[via Variety]