No Heroics scribe to pen Iron Man 3


Contrary to previous reports, Shane Black is no longer the primary writer for Iron Man 3. Now, Marvel has hired Drew Pearce to write the script, largely on the strength of his Runaways script, which is currently a backburner-ed project for Marvel. There are few details other than this personnel change, and there is no word as to whether Shane Black’s comments on the tone and style of the picture, that it would be more real-world, Tom Clancy-style, are still vaild. However, you should still be happy.

See, Drew Pearce wrote the phenomenal British superhero comedy No Heroics, which is about a group of superhero friends that meet in a bar to gripe about fighting evil and watch the news to see who’s getting the most publicity. It’s one of those brilliant shows that only got a couple episodes and never appeared again. You can’t even get it on DVD without importing the PAL copy from the UK. It was howlingly funny and one of my favorite superhero shows of all time. I’ve included the trailer for it, so give it a watch, if you’re interested. At any rate, Pearce is a talented, funny dude, so I’m excited to see where he goes with a big name character like Iron Man.

[Via /Film]