No one wanted a crappy Predator movie so no one went to see it


I think the Predator ship may have sailed. As an IP I’m not sure it has the clout it once did, and it definitely doesn’t have the clout to make people show up to a bad movie with a cloud of controversy over it. That was reflected in the $25 million box office for The Predator, which is the lowest box office ever for a movie opening in more than 4,000 theaters. It beat(?) The Mummy, which previously held the not-so-desired record. More like Preda…suck… or Preda… tank…

You know what, one of you clever pun people come up with something for me here.

While Fox is crying over that one WB isn’t too happy either, with The Nun dipping a whopping 66 percent from last weekend, a franchise worst. Of course, the movie still raked in the cash its first weekend and will overall be a third success for the studio this month, who has dominated August and September with The Meg and Crazy Rich Asians

This was also the first weekend of the true doldrums. While A Simple Favor is actually really enjoyable, it only opened at number three (being R-rated doesn’t help), and there’s just nothing that exciting hitting until we start getting Oscar bait. Unless you like turds rolling in the wind, of course.

1. The Predator – $24,000,000
2. The Nun – $18,200,000
3. A Simple Favor – $16,050,000
4. White Boy Rick – $8,800,000
5. Crazy Rich Asians – $8,700,000
6. Peppermint – $6,070,000
7. The Meg – $3,805,000
8. Searching – $3,200,000
9. Unbroken: Path to Redemption – $2,350,000
10. Mission: Impossible – Fallout – $2,315,000

Matthew Razak
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