Nolan is seriously interested in doing Bond


I am 100 percent positive that Sam Mendes is going to deliver unto us an epic Bond, but the idea of Christopher Nolan taking the reigns for a film is just to great a prospect not to discuss. The director has already discussed his love for the character and his want to direct a Bond film, but it was more a flippant sideremark about how cool it would be than a serious statement.

Now the director has come out and said he is dead serious about directing a Bond film in the future. After revealing that the Howard Hughes film he was going to work on is now dead in the water Nolan went on to say “he’s serious about the prospect” of directing a Bond film and that he’s actually talked with the Bond producers about it some time in the past.

He does admit that doing a Bond film would be a matter of the right time and situation, leaving some speculating that he’d want to reboot the series. I wouldn’t see the need to do this, however. The recent Bond reboot is well in line with Nolan’s style and “authentic” standards. I could see the director sliding right into the series, especially after that snow scene at the end of Inception, which he already admitted was based on On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

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Matthew Razak
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