Nolan’s Tenet boasts an over $200 million budget


Christopher Nolan’s new movie, Tenet, looks to be every bit what we’ve come to expect from the director with large scale set pieces, interesting new ideas, and probably plenty of IMAX filming. I imagine that kind of film has to be expensive. What does something like that cost? The price seems to be somewhere in the $200 million budget range. That’s a hefty price tag for an unproven idea in a sea of comic book properties and adaptations that rake in the money, yet it is the reported budget given to the upcoming Tenet.

Nolan has proven again and again that studios can trust him with these bigger budgets on his new movies. He is one of the only directors who can demand this kind of budget and get it. This has worked out well for Warner Bros. in the past and will likely pay off once Tenet hits screens this July. Tenet is said to involve espionage and there have been hints that time will play a factor in the plot, but besides that, we are mostly in the dark regarding the plot.

Tenet comes to the big screen on July 17th, 2020


Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ to Cost More Than $200 Million [Collider]