Nora Ephron directing Lost In Austen adaptation


Sony have announced that they will be collaborating with Nora Ephron, director of Sleepless In Seattle and Julie & Julia, on an adaptation of the 2008 British TV mini-series, Lost In Austen. The series followed a young woman, obsessed with Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, who discovers a portal in her bathroom that allows her to swap places with Elizabeth Bennet, with hilarious consequences. Bond 23 director, Sam Mendes, will act as executive producer.

This probably isn’t something I should admit to, being male and all, but I watched the original mini-series and found it unexpectedly entertaining (especially for ITV). It had a pretty good sense of humour about its ludicrous premise, playing up lead character Amanda Price’s nerdy adoration of all things Austen and utter disgust when people didn’t quite turn out as the author had represented them. Plus, Gemma Arterton made a brief cameo as Elizabeth Bennet – stranded in modern times, just as Amanda is stuck in Meryton, Austen-land – and I do like me some Gemma Arterton.

So long as the new writers keep the focus on humour and don’t overdo the saccharine, this might actually be one worth keeping an eye on. Terrific though Jemima Rooper was in the original, it could even be interesting if the lead character is turned American, as part of the mini-series’ fun was Amanda’s woeful lack of manners and decorum – something you Yanks can do very well when you put your minds to it. You did invent the corndog on a stick, after all.

[via Variety]